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Every once in a while a great opportunity comes along and you have to jump up and grab it!

Turtlecub Productions and Crooners in Fridley, Minnesota are partnering to bring you a monthly Ann Reed Show in the beautiful space known as the Dunsmore Room.

Crooners? Fridley? Are you kidding? We are absolutely serious and here's why: The Dunsmore Room is an acoustically perfect, intimate listen room designed for great music. It's like the difference between fresh picked fruits and vegetables or that canned stuff. FM stereo rather than tinny AM. If you haven't been there, you need to hear it for yourself.

Enter Ann Reed, a woman of many words and her monthly event in the Dunsmore Room at Crooners. Ann and an ever changing gaggle of guests including old favorites and breaking talent: music, amazing instrumentalists, maybe a playwright, poet, or author but always engaging and entertaining. Programs will be professionally recorded for the new Reed Podcast.

The room is perfect, the sound just right, the view of Lake Moore and lights beyond combine to make a magical evening, (Not to mention a reasonable start time of 7:30 pm)

You can also grab a pre-show dinner at Crooners. But you can't do anything without a strongly encouraged reservation. For tickets, call 763-760-0062 or online: Dinner reservations? 763-571-9020.

Want to know more about Crooners and the Dunsmore Room? See a rave review and article by Jon Bream and Aaron Lavinsky. Then you'll understand more about why we are so excited.