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Through The Window (2000)

1. Light of the Moon
2. No Time Like The Present
3. A Dream
4. Carolyn's Party (Solstice)
5. Keep On Walkin'
6. The Mailman Cometh
7. Afterlife
8. I "e"
9. Look At Her Go
10.Northern Star
11.One Waltz

Don't forget: Using a songwriter's lyrics and/or music without permission is very bad indeed. Frowned upon.
Quite disrespectful. Creates icky stuff in the universe.

Light Of The Moon
words & music: Ann Reed • © 2000 Turtlecub Publishing

Oh, the ev'ning spreads
Like a blanket over blue and darkening reds
Oooo, I push ahead
Nothin's gonna keep me from my home

On this clear autumn night
There are shadows as I
Roll along knowing I'll get there soon
And I don't have a doubt
If my headlamps go out
I will drive by the light of the moon

Oh, sometimes I feel
That it's someone else's hand upon the wheel
Oooo the signs are real
All of them direct me to my home
Bitter storms have rocked me left me laid up
Rain come down and halt me in my tracks
There's not a cloud the moon is bright as day
So I'll find my way back

Oh I go and go
And take my vivid mem'ries of the road
Oooo it's what I know
Deep inside my heart that gets me home

No Time Like The Present
words & music: Ann Reed • © 1999 Turtlecub Publishing/BMI

Shoulda done this, shoulda done that
Said things when I had the chance
Words I didn't think of show up 3 hours later
Second guessing seems to shout:
You're calling the truck when the fire is out
Strugglin' in the here & now I'm tryin' to say

There's no time like the present
And I could not love you more
Than I do this very second
That's what they made this moment for

Living past and future tense
I get confused and I forget
To tell you you're the reason
Why my heart beats faster
Notes to you, I'll write 'em down
While one of us is not around
Let's put 'em in a book that's bound
Called: Things That Matter

Yesterday's the day I thought
Would never come and now it's gone
That's how years roll away
Tend to what I've planted
If I take it all for granted it'll fade

Books by doctors hold the view
That I'm O.K. and so are you
One step at a time will do, it fills the pages
Through the chaos in our lives
I remind myself that I
Don't need a coach, don't need a guide
Just one sweet phrase

words & music: Ann Reed • © 2000 Turtlecub Publishing

Someone familiar came to find me in my sleep
Came through the door, sat on the bed began to speak

There are a few who'll come and stay inside your life
Others you may lose
Without completely knowing why

You've got a circle wrapped around you let me see
It's all of violet, crimson, white and deepening greens

These are colors you've collected in your youth
Keep them well but let me tell you
Grey will always be the truth

Tell me what you see
You're surprised. You needn't be
Close your eyes and dream
I'll come by. I believe

You're on a wheel, you're on a trip, you're on a ride
Why don't you sit and take my hand
I'll tell you why

A touch can travel where no words can gently lay
As it goes growing older now
Will only make you brave

Been on this road right from the start here's my advice
Be sure your eyes and soul and heart
Are opened wide

Can't tell you anything you don't already know
There's nothing hiding close your eyes
Because it's time for me to go

Carolyn's Party (Solstice)
words & music: Ann Reed • © 2000 Turtlecub Publishing/BMI

The day was as black as a raven
Winter's cold breath blowin' hard
She issued her warm invitation
Printed plain on a simple white card

Bring your lamps and lanterns here
On this last darkest day of the year
Let our hearts be burning bright
Through the window
I'll see you tonight

Candles and other relations
Waltzed through the door and in time
There were stories of illumination
While aurora went dancin' outside

There were pictures of lighthouses shining
A red miner's helmet a-glow
The moon would come out of it's hiding
Flowin' down on the cover of snow

A small quiet few sat together
Faces she knew and had spent
Seasons for worse or for better
She raised up her glass, then, to them

And she said: You're my friends
And wherever life takes me or when
You're my home, that's the truth
And the light through the window is you.

Keep On Walkin'
words & music: Ann Reed • © 2000 Turtlecub Publishing/BMI

There is a certain woman
You got one in your life
She sees crazy comin' down the street
And gives a great big smile
"Crazy, come on in here I'm tired of being alone"
When her life is good and nuts
She'll call you up and moan

Oh, girl keep on walkin'
Cross the road and don't look back
Oh, girl hear me talkin'
Don't you stop for crazy, yeah

She wants a happy ending
She aches to be in love
She's got no intuition
Someone help her from above
Oh but Cupid's aim is missin' the arrow magnetized
To draw her to the person who'll
Be messin' up her life

How come I never see it?
She cries in her despair
Her friends all say "Oh honey.
Your radar needs repair."
The signals do not reach her she disregards the sign
It's huge & neat with two big feet
Says TROUBLE in neon lights

She thinks she can change them rearrange them
And then she blames them 'stead of lookin' at herself
But she can't refuse someone who's bad news
That's who she'll choose over anyone else

They come in different sizes the results are still the same
Carry so much baggage they can't get on a plane

The Mailman Cometh
words & music: Ann Reed • © 2000 Turtlecub Publishing/BMI

Better watch out the mailman's comin'
I know he's on his way
Got no doubt the mailman's comin'
'bout this time most ev'ry day
I let him know I'm not foolin' a dog's got a duty to do
He drops ev'rything he's doin'
And runs away, my point's been proved

Oh, I hear him now, the mailman cometh
I must alert the neighborhood
All dogs shout - the mailman cometh
Say like a doggie should
I live with a cat, she won't help me.
She doesn't do a thing all day
How can you lie there, please tell me
She opens one eye and then she say:

Get real. The mailman's comin' - like he's never been here before.
Big deal. The mailman's comin' it's you I'm tryin' to ignore
My morning catnaps are hist'ry the way you go on's a disgrace
Why you're here is truly a myst'ry they must've made a mistake
Okay. So, the mailman's comin' it's you I'm tryin' to ignore

This guy comes by and why is not my concern
Keeps tryin' each time
You'd think by now he'd learn.

Now I'll get some sleep
'cause the mailman's gone now
I have done my very best
But no retreat
With the mailman gone now
I sit and wait for UPS

words & music: Ann Reed • © 1999 Turtlecub Publishing

In the afterlife I know you got your wings
'Cause when you've had nine lives
Y'know you've earned those things
And you tell me "Hi. I'm keepin' my eye on you
In the afterlife
It's what we do."

In the afterlife, you got plenty of food
You'd chase some mice
If you feel in the mood
Claw the heavenly couch and nobody gets in your face
Oh the afterlife, a delightful place

I'm hoping you're finding
The time you need for your nap
It's the best reward for a life well lived
By an all-around, remarkable cat

In the afterlife I imagine they got
A full array of your toys
In a bright sunny spot
Hope the dogs are kind and the birds keep you on your toes
In the afterlife, most anything goes

I imagine I'm scratching your ears
And it's makin' me sad
Til I hear a voice from somewhere sayin'
"Thanks. I needed that."

You're in the afterlife, and if I'm ever in need
You just stop on by
Take a walk through my dreams
It's the way you say:
"I'm keepin' my eye on you
In the afterlife it's what we do."

I "e"
words & music: Ann Reed • © 2000 Turtlecub Publishing/BMI

I work at home; I don't commute
I sold my car and therefore, I don't pollute
I don't go out. I get what I need
Simply clicking on my monitor screen

My electronic friend brings electronic mail
Electronic weather with electronic hail
When I want some culture I click on PBS
I order so much stuff online it's piled there in a mess

I used to go to the gym everyday
But that meant dealing with people
(Tell you, some are so strange)
So, I surf the web it's my exercise
I guess I've put on some weight 'cept for my wrist and my eyes

It's time for electronic workout, electronic pills
When I die they will find my electronic will
I order up my groceries they bring it to my door
I don't mess with surly checkout people anymore

I traded online and I lost my house
I didn't notice so then I lost my spouse
I just broke up with a girl from Belize
I never met her but I'm feeling a need

For my electronic therapy and electronic help
In time they'll come and lock me in a nice e-padded cell
Got a back up generator just in case the power goes down
Several new computers, oh, I cannot live without

Electronic church, electronic choir
Got my cyber-hot dogs roasting on an electronic fire
Electronic recipes for electronic spam
My philosophy is simple: I "e" therefore I am.

Look At Her Go
words & music: Ann Reed • © 1999 Turtlecub Publishing
written for the Minnesota State High School League's 1999 Women in Sports

If all things were equal
If the world was sittin' right
Your mother might've played the game
You're gonna play tonight
Mem'ries caught in photographs
Moments win or lose
She'd look at them and think of how
She'll pass this on to you

Look at her run, Look at her throw
Eyes on the ball, Heart on the goal
One on a team, Bright fields of hope
Part of a dream, oh, look at her go

If someone could tell you
From the day that you arrived
That the world is open to you
All you gotta do is try
What it's like to feel the rhythm
Of your feet upon the track
The beating of your heart
Oh, the wind upon your back

One breath says: Here I am, do my best
Oh, yes I can
I am stronger with every chance I take

If all things were equal
If the world was sittin' right
Your mother might've played the game
You're gonna play tonight
What you have before you
Not a simple twist of fate
Thank the ones who took it on
To push upon the gate

Northern Star
words & music: Ann Reed • © 2000 Turtlecub Publishing

You're my east my south and west
You're the one who gives me rest
And I know no matter near or far
You will be my northern star

You're the one when I'm at sea
You are there the land for me
When I've lost my way and day goes dark
You are still my northern star

You're the one I want to be holding
When the sun has wandered along
And the sky begins it's unfolding
There's no where else we belong, oh

Like the cardinal in the snow
When the trees are bare and low
The reward of spring is slow to start
You are still my northern star

One Waltz
words & music: Ann Reed • © 2000 Turtlecub Publishing

One waltz with you
There's something now we rarely do

Move the chairs and the table aside
Who cares
It's enough, oh, to just see you smile

Oh how the years sail on by
You're still the light in my eyes

No hurry got nothin' but time
Don't worry
The truth is, it suits me just fine

'Round the living room go
Some might stare I suppose

Too old they tell us or some such remark
They're jealous
It's a thrill when you still got the spark

When the music is through
I'll still be a-waltzing with you

Move the chairs there are hours ahead
What a pair
Feeling light as the night that we met