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Find the perfect bumpersticker, pin or other fun gift for you or a friend!

Resist-Omega Button.The Omega symbol is a symbol of resistance. Resist the politics of hate and division (Donald Trump). Button is 1- 1/4 inches. $1.50

Qty Description Price each
Resist-Omega Button $1.50
Holiday Greeting Cards
Woodland Animals, 5x7", 12 Note Card Set, $15.00

Qty Description Price each
Woodland Animals Greeting Cards $15.00
Wooden Medallions
Featuring the women of Ann's song, Heroes. We've created these special sanded cherry wood 1.5" round medallions with a lasered imagine of the hero, birth and/or death dates and a one word description. The reverse side honors Ann and her song. Each medallion can be turned into a holiday ornament or strung as jewelry. We're going to release them as they appear in each stanza of the Heroes song, 8 at a time starting with Sojourn Truth, Eleanor Roosevelt, Katharine Hepburn, Sally Ride, Susan B. Anthony, Harriet Tubman, Annie Sulivan and Gertrude Stein. By them all, or buy just one. But check back for our next release during Womens History Month. Each medallion, $3.50.

Qty Description Price each
Sojourn Truth, abolitionist 1797-1883 $3.50
Eleanor Roosevelt, humanitarian 1884-1962 $3.50
Katharine Hepburn, actor 1907-2003 $3.50
Sally Ride, astronaut 1951-2012 $3.50
Susan B. Anthony, suffragist 1820-1906 $3.50
Harriet Tubman, abolitionist 1822-1913 $3.50
Annie Sullivan, teacher 1866-1936 $3.50
Gertrude Stein, writer 1874-1946 $3.50
Give Bees A Chance Magnet. $4.00

Qty Description Price each
Give Bees A Chance Magnet $4.00
Gardening 2x3 Magnet. $4.00

Qty Description Price each
Gardening Magnet $4.00
Bee Button, $1.50

Qty Description Price each
Bee Button $1.50
We Will

From the song We Will written by Ann Reed, commissioned by the Sesquicentenial Steering Committee of First Universalist Unitarian Church of Minneapolis, a new line of products! Click on image for larger view.
Purple print on white stock. We Will on the front; Walk On inside, full lyric on the back. $2.50 per card or 12 for $24
Qty Description Price
Single cards $2.50
Pack of 12 $24.00

Heroes Poster (shown - Click on image for larger view.) - Four-color design on poster stock paper, 18" x 24" suitable for framing! Features the women from Ann Reed's song "Heroes." $5
Heroes Greeting Cards - Bright red card from the poster. $2 each
Qty Description Price each
Heroes Poster $5.00
Heroes Greeting Cards $2.00
Cards - blank inside
Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History and Good Thing I Bounce (with lyrics on back). $2 each
Click on image for larger view.

Qty Description Price each
Well Behaved card $2.00
Good Thing I Bounce card $2.00
Great Women Rulers/State Birds Rulers
Standard wooden 12" ruler on one side, famous women, by category, on the reverse. Categories: Great Women Rulers; Great Women of Science; Great Women of Literature, Great Women of Music. $2 each.

Qty Description Price each
Great Women Rulers ruler $2.00
Great Women of Literature ruler $2.00
Great Women of Science ruler $2.00
Great Women of Music ruler $2.00
State Birds ruler $2.00
NEW Buttons
Vibrant colors covered with scratch-and UV-resistant Mylar
Metal pin-back, 100% Recycled Paper. $1.00 each.
Click on image for larger view.

Rainbow Button, 1½", $1
National Health Plan, 1½", $1
All is Not Lost, small, 1", $1
Stop Texting, 1½", $1
Not All Who Wander, 1½", $1
Qty Description Price each
Rainbow Button $1.00
National Health Plan button $1.00
Stop Texting button $1.00
Not All Who Wander button $1.00
All is Not Lost button $1.00
Vibrant colors covered with scratch-and UV-resistant Mylar
Metal pin-back, 100% Recycled Paper
Click on image for larger view.

The Neutral Smile, small, 1", $1
Sunshell Turtle, small, 1¼" , $2
"Education is the great equalizer." Horace Mann, small, 1¼", $2
Qty Description Price each
The Neutral Smile button $1.00
Sunshell Turtle button $2.00
"Education is the great equalizer." button $2.00
More Buttons
Well-behaved women
No whining
1½" - $1 each
Qty Description Price each
Well-Behaved Women button $1.00
No Whining button $1.00
Diversity button $1.00
Bumper Stickers
Well-behaved women, Ginger Rogers, Not all who wander
12" x 3". $2 each

Qty Description Price each
Well-behaved Women bumper sticker $2.00
Ginger Rogers bumper sticker $2.00
Not All Who Wander bumper sticker $2.00
No Whining - out of stock
No Hovering - 6" square black and red on white vinyl sticker. $1.50 each.

Qty Description Price each
No Hovering Sticker $1.50

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